Madelaine Shaw-Wong



Memories of Mexico

Posted on November 18, 2012 at 12:45 AM

Sudden sunrise

Sleep drenched tourists

Push worries away

Long for a taste of heaven

Middle-aged matrons

Hanging flesh and sagging breasts

Walk the shore with pot-bellied husbands

Thin legs prop up round torsos

Constant breeze

Sand crabs roll onto shore

Pelicans drift and dive

White albatross floats on ocean breezes

Conserves her energy for long voyages

Then alights


A belly full of fish for heryoung

Web-footed birds

Sharp beaks and piercing cries

Scrounge for scraps

Desperate locals wait at locked gates

Hungry eyes

Any job openings?

He is the lucky one

His tips buy the rice

To feed his children

With supplicating manner

He sets a drink before the tourist


He takes the coin

My pleasure to serve you

This is the chant of the disenchanted






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