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What the Heck is an Author's Platform?

Posted on May 23, 2016 at 6:00 PM Comments comments (2)

Quietus, my dystopian fiction, is nearing completion.

My premise: A greedy, hardened doctor of eradication and elite member of a dictatorship confronts a woman who fights for the resistance.

This all-consuming project has taken up a huge chunk of my life over the last four years. The lives and deaths of my make-believe people, I’m ashamed to say, have sometimes take precedence over the real-life people in my life.

“Sorry kids, you’ll have to make your own supper tonight.”

“What’s there to eat?”

“Whatever, sandwiches, mac and cheese, cereal and milk. Don’t bug me. I’m in the zone!” My fingers fly over the key-board. “I’m on fire! This is going to be amazing!”

I’ve been so focused on writing the manuscript that I have been neglecting my author’s platform, which is more than just social media, I’m told. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and so on are only part of what’s required. I need to update my website and blog regularly.

Apparently, I will also need an e-newsletter, whatever that is, and personal contacts to help with blurbs, promotion and so on.

I need to research my target audience, my market, print some business cards, work on my Facebook fan page, and get something called Hootsuite, whatever that is.

I need to create my bio, review other author’s sites and blogs and make myself known by commenting.

One website says I must set up a social media schedule. Now that’s a good idea. Get in, do what I need to do and get out without being sucked into aimless hours of reading Facebook and Twitter posts. But seriously, how can I resist cute kitten videos?

I must be strong, dedicated towards the final outcome, which is promotion of my upcoming novel.

My next question: Do I self-publish or look for a traditional publisher?